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COMING SOON New Man Fall Winter Campaign


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TencelTMLyocell comes from wood from sustainable forests, where trees are farmed in a controlled way and using programmes that guarantee their reforestation #joinlife


Organically or ecologically grown cotton is farmed in a natural way and without using modified seeds, helping us take care of the environment, the biodiversity and the people who farm it #joinlife


Under the label Join Life, we categorise all garments that have been produced using the best sustainable processes and raw materials #joinlife


Garments with a past | Basic crew neck t-shirt with short sleeve. This t-shirt is made with recycled polyester and recycled cotton from our own ecologically-grown cotton garments. To be continued #joinlife


Transforming residue into a resource | Reduce / Reuse / Recycle / Upcycle #joinlife


Garments with a past | Crew neck t-shirt with rolled sleeve. This garment is made with recycled polyester, modal and recycled cotton from our own ecologically grown cotton garments. To be Continued #joinlife


🦁 Round neck T-shirt with short sleeves and a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer®️ print on the front #zaranewin


That's a classic! Discover our t-shirts and sweatshirts with vintage graphics on the front #zaranewin


Loose-fitting, sweatshirt with long sleeves and a printed graphic of the film Snow White®️ on the front #zaranewin


Worn by parents and now by their children. This capsule has a retro feeling collection recalling parent’s wardrobe.